Navigating Distribution of Assets


Losing a loved one is hard. As an executor or trustee, navigating the court system and dealing with financial institutions can be confusing or overwhelming and fraught with potential family conflicts and personal liability.

Choosing an experienced attorney to advise and counsel an executor or trustee can have a significant impact on helping maintain family accord and ensuring the financial wishes of the decedent and family are smoothly carried out.

Finding solutions

We’re here to help. Hazard Law can remove the added stress of dealing with unfamiliar estate administration details. We work directly with executors and trustees to advise on the legal and practical aspects of administering an estate or trust, and we coordinate with your existing accountants and investment advisors regarding the collection and safeguarding of assets, preparation and filing of all final tax returns, and the ultimate distribution of assets.

Our goal is to make the estate administration process easy and efficient by providing fiduciaries exceptional legal and customer service every time they engage us.